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Modern. Creative. Passion.

We put real life through a lens

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Craig Murphy


Our Story

Moyen Massive Productions started when award winning writer Craig Murphy put together a team using contacts from the television industry. With the sponsorship of two of the biggest tv rental companies, Video Europe and Just Audio, Moyen Massive Productions managed to create an amazing and talented team. Producer Ryan Stowell and Camera operative Danny Ord were amongst the crew who were involved in our latest project 'Autumn Tree'.

Danny Ord
Grace Smith
Ryan Stowell
Manuela Jaramillo

Our Background

Our creativity was mainly expressed through the short film industry where we had a high level of success most noticeably winning best short film at the British Film Festival along with other accolades around the world for our short thriller 'Prey For Me'. Another short film was 'We Progress', a powerful film about the challenges of mental health which was beautifully crafted by the production company Shade Luma and written by our very own Craig Murphy.